Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wood Stove Love

Our Beloved Wood Stove..... purchased off Craig's List... we had to look at 5 different stoves before we found this sweet little stove.... when you visit don't forget to check out the fancy reliefs on the sides of the stove .....they are my favorite part of this stove in particular....

ICE Fishing in America

Here are some excellent 2008... Shanty Photos taken by team member Corrie Zoll.... Yes, we did Ice Fish in our Shanty!!! Look for John and Corrie out on the Ice this year (2009) with their Ice Fishing Talk Show...Gather Round the Ice Hole.. Saturday Jan 24th 12 - 4 and Sunday, Febuary 8th 12 -4

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bringing the Black Box Theater Back!!

Students from Blaine lend a hand to get the Black Box back up and running... last year we had some issues with our floor maybe one to many dance parties? This year we are working on some new ideas to fix that problem... Danny's students lent us a hand with this task.

ASP 2008 Performances

"Up" A puppet Performance

"Uncle Sergi" -- Tiger Lion Productions

Art Shanty Projects 2008 -- Performances in the Black Box Theater

Performance from the 2008 Black Box Theater Shanty -- Koalism -- HIP HOP, Chastity Brown-- Singer Song Writer, Mad King Thomas -- Dance Party, RPM Puppet Theater

Monday, December 15, 2008

Images from the 2008 Black Box Theater

Photos from the 2008 Black Box Shanty

Taking the Black Box out of storage!!

Well here we go again year number two for the Black Box... after a year of storage in the basement of the Soap Factory. Tou, Danny and I shleped all of the pieces of our shanty our of the basement. We are looking at making a few changes and getting the shanty up so we can work on our performances for this year...